High Quality Written Web Content

Google Wants High Quality Written Web Content

It is increasingly problematical to manipulate where you rank in Googles SERPs listings due to their insistence for top notch content.

If you have an understanding of exactly what Google wants from a top ranking website you can still rank well in search engines.

If you continue to use outmoded SEO techniques you will drop in the listings..

Google has increased the standard of what it considers to be a valuable resource. If you offer this for them you will rank well.

How To Make Google hate You

Bad link neighbourhoods (Google unfriendly back-links) are a clear sign along with links from link creation networks that Google has identified as spam that your web-site isn’t a site to be indexed and ranked.

Other warning signs include anchor text with excessive exact match keywords & phrases as well as high keyword densities in your content.

If you utilise these techniques, you never will get ranked well in Google search results.

Google assesses the quality, authority and trust of your site and Brand before making a decision on where to place you in search engine ranking positions.

Do you have an accurate idea of what your site metrics look like? What links point to your site? What your on-page quality is like? How Google friendly your website is?

Request a 175 point SEO Audit from DeehoSEO and you will be able to see everything that’s good, bad and indifferent about your current SEO Services and more importantly, what you need to change to improve your rankings.

Social Sharing Metrics

Faking social sharing signs is really expensive and quite difficult which means that Google can have faith in those metrics and employ them as a significantly important element for search engine rankings.

Some online reviews offer a effective signal to Google about the calibre of your Brand, products and services. Assessed Brand value has a direct affect on your search engine rankings.

Relevance, user behaviour & quality unite to allow Google to choose your positioning in SERPs. Your web-site used to be solely dependent on popularity (links) to improve your rankings, now, while backlinks are still a vital component of your SEO strategy, you also need to provide great content.

Google will adversely affect your search engine results if it discovers low quality spam indicators.

Each specific search phrase or term will result in Google’s desired search result, giving a search result that:

  • Loads quickly
  • Is unique
  • Your visitors like and engage with
  • Contains external links to valued sites and resources
  • Is hosted on a unique IP
  • Isn’t associated with bad link neighbourhoods
  • Is trusted with quality back-links
  • Conveys Brand quality

If you can refrain from triggering any Google trapdoors while satisfying the requirements above then your site will rank well in SERPs.

You can climbonline & rank in the top 10 for very competitive keywords & phrases, if your web-site carries the level of quality that Google looks for. SEO³ can help you to align your website and make it 100% search engine friendly, ask them how today.