Earn While You Learn

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Learning with on-the-job training allows students to begin the path to owning a living building a career and gaining qualifications to improve their future earnings.

For many young people degree courses at university I’m no longer a viable option because of the massive increases in annual tuition fees as well as living expenses that go hand-in-hand with full-time education.

In recent years the ability to earn while you learn through a traineeship or an apprenticeship has given more flexibility to the jobs market as well as to employers who can train the staff that they need for the vacancies that they have.

Ongoing training is a valuable part of the early years of employment. Most apprenticeships work on a day release basis giving the apprentice four days on the job training and one day in college to work on their qualifications.

The combination of while you learn means that the trainee or apprentice doesn’t have to build up large debts but can still benefit from the highly regarded qualifications that they will acquire.

With the average degree costing £9000 per year & set to rise further, it’s no surprise that earn while you learn apprenticeships and training schemes are gaining ground.

Many school leavers are put off University by the costs involved and worry about accumulated debts that they may never be able to repay.

In many industries an Apprenticeship can be preferable too many degree courses. This is because as the quality of some degree courses has declined the quality of earn while you learn training has increased.

Across the country there are thousands of businesses both large and small who offer apprenticeships and traineeships.